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Time Flexibility

Speaking and cooking program

Your interests,

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Noticeable results

Good value for money


When you are one to one with someone, there is no time to stay quiet, right? That’s the reason why we believe that the most productive way to learn a new language is through individual lessons. Our method will help us to fully concentrate on your progression and address all your doubts in a dynamic and entertaining way that optimise your learning.


Our courses take 3 months (12 weeks) with 2 hours of classes weekly divided in two different sessions.


Our methodology is through one to one online lessons. This gives you the opportunity to take your Spanish lessons when you prefer and from you feel more comfortable, even at home from your sofa! The best option to profit your time and to learn a new language!


Our philosophy is to adapt to your needs. Our courses do not have any fix schedule and your lessons do not have to be every week at the same time or even on the same days. You choose!


We firmly believe that it is necessary a linguistic immersion to learn a new language in order to get use to the sounds and be able to learn in a faster and more efficient way. That is why our lessons are taught 100% in Spanish (with some punctual translations to English in the first level). Our courses are divided in two:


  • Living in Spanish: you will have one weekly class of 1h where we will be working vocabulary and grammar to improve day by day your Spanish level.


  • Let’s cook it!: According to several studies, the most efficient method to learn a language is while cooking. It is because of this reason that we introduce this new methodology where you will take a 1h/1h 30min weekly class consisting into cook together with us different recipes from the Spanish gastronomy.  We will have a nice chat talking about ingredients, kitchen tools, cooking techniques, processes, traditions and many other things while we prepare a delicious Spanish recipe. (We will let you know about the ingredients needed for the weekly recipe with at least 7 days in advance).


What is today’s topic? We always want to know what is moving you to learn Spanish. That’s why we will prepare the materials for your six weeks course according to your interests and needs to achieve your personal goal.


Our courses are focused on your needs and designed to achieve noticeable results, where you will be able to speak more fluently and with a richer vocabulary in every level you achieve.


At Easy as Pie we feel proud to be the first language school introducing the new revolution to learn Spanish using the most exciting method in the market. We work very hard day after day to make every penny invested by our students worth it and provable with their incredible results, and to give them more flexibility in their payments, we work with a pay monthly system where they can budget their course in the monthly budget. Never learning a language and cooking at the same time was that easy and cheerful!