Easy as Pie was born in Glasgow and created by Raquel and Alex, two natives from Barcelona who love the sun, the smell of the sea, the good gastronomy and the Spanish language. With a wide experience both teaching and in the kitchen, they created this exciting project to share their passion about Spain and its gastronomy while teaching the Spanish language and culture in the funniest and most dynamic way, with a notebook, a pen and an apron!



Raquel is originally from the city of Barcelona, her favourite in the world. She is very passionate, creative and organized in everything she does. That is why after years teaching Spanish to International students and living in three different countries, she decided to combine two of her favourite activities, cooking and teaching, creating Easy as Pie to share her passion about languages to the world. As a bilingual Catalan and Spanish speaker, she found out early how much she liked languages and nowadays she speaks five and know exactly the process, techniques and tricks to learn a new one in the funniest and most dynamic way. She always says that cooking makes her the happiest and is always trying to create new recipes with the freshest ingredients to prepare the most delicious and healthiest dishes for everybody to enjoy. Meet her!



He is naturally from Sabadell, a city nearby Barcelona. His charisma and perseverance make him achieve everything what he wants. That is why after living in three different countries he is working now as a Lecturer in the University of Glasgow. Loving languages as much as he does and specially connecting with people from around the world, he speaks four different languages and teaches Spanish lessons to International students every time he has the chance because he loves seeing their fast progress. As a Spaniard, food is one of his passions and one of the most important things in life, eating tasty and healthy enjoying your food with your beloved ones. Meet him!